Arunika Waldorf Study Group

While the seeds has been sowed from as early as 2010, by the people that are now ‘manning’ the school, Arunika’s own study group was started as a weekly, turned monthly event with members, though many comes and goes, some stay consistent and then become the founding people of Arunika Waldorf School. This monthly study group event is  intended to expose, share, discuss and enrich people about the knowledge of Rudolf Steiner’s education concept and its practices in many fields. In  2017, we finally took the first step to build  the first Waldorf Grade School in Indonesia.

Arunika, from Sanskrit, means a beam of sunlight after sunrise.  Just as the morning sun brings warmth, we hope to offer  a holistic education based on Anthroposophy, a philosophy based on  spiritual science with the purpose to understand human beings and their role and wisdom  in this universe.